5 best ways to get YouTube subscribers – 2020

5 best ways to get YouTube subscribers

Looking for the trick to get youtube subscribers? Great in this post you will 5 best ways to get youtube subscribers in 2020. If you are new youtuber then subscriber base is necessary for growth of channel. 5 best ways to get youtube subscribers

Over 200 Billion people visit youtube every month out of the 70% are smartphone users. For starting an online business youtube best platform for you. Here you can make a lot of money by creating video content or by promoting your product globally. 5 best ways to get youtube subscribers

Two main factors are there for growing youtube channel first is views per video and second subscriber count.

Let’s learn my secrets of getting YouTube subscribers

5 best ways to get youtube subscribers

1. Ask your viewer

Create an attractive video content that catches attention of your audience after that you need to create a pleasing introduction asking people to subscribe your YouTube channel to support your channel. You need to follow the same concept and ask your viewers subscribe your channel and give valuable feedback after completion of video. 5 best ways to get youtube subscribers

2. Remind Your Viewer to Subsribe your channel.

While your video content is playing you need to put subscribe now animation in between the video. You can also provide a pop-up message in “I-Button” and remind viewers to subscribe your channel.

3. Video Promotion

Once you start promoting your content it automatically brings millions of viewers to your channel out of the thousands of viewers become your subscribers. This is the best method to get unlimited viewers and subscribers by paying a small number of advertisement fees. Sometimes you will get 1000 views in just 10 rupees.

Most of new youtubers try this process of video promotion and recommend this methods for getting views and subscribers.

4. Internshala Start-Up

You need to create a start-up project to target audiences who are willing to get internships. Internship work include participants to submit 20 subscribers everyday for next 30 days. These internship work also include participants provide 50 views everyday. This type of Internship is directly targeting to increase subscribers, views and watch time of video.

Participants who join YouTube internship project of internship website give certificate to the participants.

5. Third Party Websites and Android Application

There are some third-party websites that provide you, subscribers. These websites provide you free as well as paid subscribers. You can also find some android application in the google play store that increase your subscriber 60-100 every day. These subscribers are totally organic that boost your channel.

Some of the third party websites that provide free subscribers to new YouTubers are ytpals.com, subpals.com, and sonuker.com. These websites provide you, organic subscribers. To get a free YouTube subscriber you need to follow subs for subs rule that is you need to subscribe to 20 videos then you will 10 subscribers after every 12 hours. That helps you to boost your YouTube channel.

These are the 5 best ways to get youtube subscribers in 2020.

FAQ Related To How to get free youtube subscribers in 2020.

Q.1 How to get free subscribers without any effort?

For getting free YouTube subscribers without any effort you need need to join third party websites. That deliver you free YouTube subscriber. For that you need to subscribe some of the videos that third party website give you as task to get free subscriber.

Q.2 How to create introduction for YouTube video?

There are some application in google play store that helps you to create catchy introduction that helps to get viewers attention and ask them to subscribe your channel

Q.3 Minimum YouTube subscribers for Monetization of channel?

Minimum 1,000 subscribers are required for monetization of channel.

Q.4 Is third party subscribers are organic?

Yes, the subscribers which you will get from third party website are organic.

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