5 Details To Know Before Buying Ipad Air 5

5 Details To Know Before Buying Ipad Air 5

The Apple iPad Air 5 has taken the tech world by storm ever since its release in March 2022. With features far exceeding its former counterparts, the new iPad has taken the tablet game to another level.

The Apple iPad Air 5 is creating massive confusion among its buyers as to whether to go for the new iPad Air 5 or settle for an 11- inch iPad Pro. This article will help you understand the features of the new Apple iPad Air 5. Here are 5 factors to ipad air 5 :

1.    Price

The iPad Air 5 hits the market with 2 variants – 64 GB and 256 GB. The 64 GB model, which is a Wi-Fi-only version, costs $599. Its 256 GB, Wi-Fi-only version costs $749. For people looking for more than just Wi-Fi connectivity, i.e. cellular connections, the 64 GB version and the 256 GB version would cost $746 and $899 respectively.

Here are the Summarized features:

  • 64 GB WiFi Only – $599
  • 64 GB Cellular Connection – $746
  • 256 GB WiFi Only – $749
  • 256 GB Cellular Connection – $899

2.    Display

The Liquid Retina Display in the iPad Air 5 has a resolution of 264 pixels/inch and a brightness of a whopping 500 nits. With a refresh rate of 60Hz and a screen size of 10.9 inches, and the fact that the screen features both anti-reflective and oleophobic coatings, the iPad Air 5 is ready to take the iPad game to the next level. The device is compatible with the Apple Pencil 2.

Here are the Summarized features:

  • Resolution of 264 Pixels/Inch
  • 10.9 Inch Display
  • Standard Refresh Rate of 60Hz

3.    Cameras

The Apple iPad Air 5 boasts a powerful M1 processor which allows the camera to capture 4K videos in 30FPS. The selfie camera got a boost from 7MP to 12MP. To make things more jolly, Apple will market the iPad Air 5 with the new Center Stage feature, which focuses on the person in front of the front camera and adjusts as the person moves.

Here are the Summarized features:

  • Capture 4K videos in 30FPS
  • 12 MP superior Front-facing Camera

4.    Processor

Apple is sailing the boat with the M1 processor for the iPad Air 5 instead of the A15 chip which can be seen in the iPad mini 6. As per reports, the M1 chip boosts the iPad Air 5 by 60% and its graphics by 200%.

Here are the Summarized features:

  • M1 processor
  • Faster by 60%

5.    The USB-C port

After a huge wait, the Apple iPad Air 5 finally got its well-deserved upgrade to the USB Type C port with USB 3.1 2nd generation feats. Now, the iPad Air 5 can transfer data at the whooping pace of 10 GB per second. This is twice as fast as the previous models.

This move introduces the iPad Air 5 to an audience that wants to connect their devices to USB-C digital accessories and external drives.

Here are the Summarized features:

  • USB 3.1 2nd GEN Standards
  • 10GB/Sec Transfer Speed


In conclusion, the iPad Air 5 is a powerful hunk with many amazing features which are not predominantly expected from an iPad. It is set to act as a “Lappy Replacement”, thanks to its adaptability with the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard.

All the features together are taking the new iPad Air 5 straight into the deepest parts of the Apple Ecosystem. Now the question that arises is whether the users will accept it and buy ipad air 5 (ซื้อ ipad air 5, term in Thai).