5 Easy Ways to Gain Consumer Trust with Bulk SMS

5 Easy Ways to Gain Consumer Trust with Bulk SMS

There is one universal thing that all businesses deal in – consumer trust.

When customers trust your brand, it becomes a success. Customers, hence, can use it comfortably, consistently, and conveniently. It is a well-known fact that 81% of customers make purchase decisions based on trust.

That’s why it goes without saying, that bridging this gap is quite essential. Finding a way to do this, and perfecting it in every way, will make your brand a formidable one in the industry – and the big question is, how do you leverage SMS marketing to build consumer trust?

Here are a few pointers to help get you started:

1.    Customer support

The most frustrating thing for a customer is having to wait for ages on the line for a simple query to be solved. Sometimes it takes hours, and even days before they get feedback. With everyone owning a smartphone today, it is incredibly important to focus your efforts on SMS.

SMS is universally easy and familiar to everyone. When you open up 2-way communication, businesses can solve customer queries faster. Improving your resolution time ups your brand’s reputation making your customers happy.

2.   Important reminders and alerts

Being customer-centric here helps. You can use SMS to precipitate what products and services they will need before they actually need them.

With the long working hours and pressures taking a toll on many people, many brands are looking to alleviate these stresses by prompting them with convenient reminders and alerts.

Medical clinics, for example, can use SMS to confirm appointments; restaurants about upcoming reservations, among others.

SMS can also be used to forewarn customers about outages, product launches, or issues with your business.

3.   Customer feedback

Customer feedback influences loyalty. When a new customer is looking to come onboard, the first thing they will consider is the feedback. A good cadence of this advantage is important to establish reputation and trust in what you offer.

While not all companies can utilize push notifications, you can definitely work with text messages. If you are running a restaurant and are looking for reviews, use text messages as they demand immediate attention.

Push notifications may be muted and emails trashed. Also, aim for when the customer is happy – such as waiting an hour before asking a customer for a review of what they just bought or did.

4.   Digital security

The proliferation of cyberattacks has necessitated bold data security measures. When a customer knows that you are looking after them, they are less likely to choose another provider.

Using two-factor authentication is one way of ensuring customer security. It adds a layer of security when one is logging in to compel a user to confirm their identity in another way. This security method can be used in SMS marketing to help customersconfirm or reset their passwords and more. When selecting your bulk SMS provider you need to consider that quality.

5.   Loyalty promotions and referral networks

Up to 92 percent of people trust recommendations or referrals from family and friends over channels. And with many businesses already benefitting from valuable VIP and loyalty programs to induce loyalty, you can top this up with an offer that provides a special experience.

This, however, depends, on what your customer really finds special and what you can afford. After they have received their special offers, ask them to share a referral link with their friends. This will increase your SMS click-throughrates and conversions.


Bulk SMS provides exceptional results if properly implemented in consumer trust and it helps you establish long-term relationships while enhancing your business growth. If you are looking to get started with bulk SMS, Celcom Africa is a reputable company to invest in. They also have user-friendly services and an excellent customer experience.