5 Must-Have Features of a Hotel Property Management Software

5 Must-Have Features of a Hotel Property Management Software

If you own a hotel, you have a lot of responsibilities that keep you busy. Managing operations is time-consuming—you need to be constantly aware of market trends, changes in computer technology, and government regulations. And that’s just for starters.

Property management is stressful enough without the added burden of dealing with a hodge-podge of disparate programs, papers, and files. It’s therefore important to install a hotel Property Management Software (PMS) to manage your entire operation from one user-friendly platform. You will reduce the time you waste on menial tasks, but you’ll also save money.


But how can you get your hands on a formidable hotel PMS? Here are key features to consider. 

1. Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Interface

Hotel owners and managers are trained to be detail-oriented. However, they are not trained to be software designers or software engineers. So, when you look to replace your old software with a new system, look for software that is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to navigate. It also has to be user-friendly for both experienced and new employees.

2. Must Automate Hotel Operations

 The last thing you want is for your employees to be wasting time with multiple platforms. The process of running a hotel, motel, or other lodging facility is complicated enough. You need a system that will handle all of your business operations, from housekeeping to reporting, from the front desk to the Point of Sale (POS).

3. Should Allow Multiple Access

A single hotel may have over a hundred employees working for it. Any hotel’s staff numbers may increase or decrease. The chosen software must allow the addition or subtraction of staff with minimum effort. It allows the hotel to manage its staff more effectively by using software to help schedule staff automatically.

4. Organize and Control Hotel Workflows

 In a hotel, to have a smooth operation, all departments should sync with each other and work as a team. It is made possible through effective communication. 


With the help of hotel Property Management Software, different departments are well informed and aware of what is going on in the hotel and what needs to be done. A PMS software can help in serving as a central platform for different departments to work out their to-do lists.

5. It Should Be Mobile Optimized

One of the great things about mobile technology is the speed it gives us access to almost any piece of information we need, at any time! It’s a huge advantage to have booking information about your guests, their preferences, and their special requests for food and drink right there in your pocket. 

A hotel property management software should give managers and staff access to all the details they need, but it’s also important that your employees can easily access this information on the go. It is especially true when they’re trying to check details on a booking quickly, and they shouldn’t have to rush back to the office. Any system you use must not only be accessible but also optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets.


Hotels can use hotel property management software to save a huge amount of money. Hotels can use this software to streamline management, enhance the guest experience, and monitor operations. On average, property managers can save up to 50% of their costs by using proper hotel property management software. However, it’s important to ensure that the hotel PMS has the above features.