Ahrefs Webmaster Tool Free Account – 2020 New Update

Ahrefs SEO tool is a very advanced tool that helps bloggers, Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers in collecting information of their, Competitor’s informations, backlink checking, keyword research also provide a high level of the site audit system. If you are a newbie or professional blogger ahrefs SEO tool helps you a lot in growing your website.

Guys this is a paid tool and you need to pay for it. It costs around 1000 $ for a year or you can take a trial of 7 days by paying 7$. But if you are a newbie then you are not in a condition to buy this.

There is good news for you all Ahrefs company launched a program with the help of that you can use some services of ahrefs without paying any charge and that platform is called ahrefs webmaster tool or some called it as ahrefs free account. You can use this feature just by signing in with your mail id on ahrefs platform. You can you three to four main features of ahrefs paid tool-free.

Ahrefs webmaster tool
Ahrefs webmaster tool

How to Login in Ahrefs webmaster Tool?

Hey for loging in you need to use your gmail account which is used in creating google webmaster account as well as used in creating google analytics account.

Login with the same email after that you will get two options one imports your data from the Google webmaster tool and the second option is to enter your details manually. It’s your choice how to fill your particulars. After that ahrefs webmaster tool asked you to give permissions like permission to collect information from google webmaster tool and google analytics. After giving all the permissions for accessing information you will land on the Main Landing page of Ahrefs webmaster tool. Here you can see different options of ahrefs tool like backlink checker, Keyword research tool, site audit,

Ahrefs webmaster tool free features?

Ahrefs webmaster tools mainly provides three features for free.

 Site audit, Backlink checker, D.A & P.A

These are the three main feature that is provided by ahtrefs company for free to all users.

Site audit gives the full report of your website and tells about the health of your website if the health of your website good then your website can easily rank on the search engine but if your website health rating is poor then ahrefs webmaster tool tells the full detail which part of website having a problem and you need to visit that page or portion to solve that problem. The next site audit tells you complete information on the remaining problems on your website.

Backlink Checker gives information about the number of backlinks present on your website or your competitor’s website this feature also tells you about a number of do-follow or no-follow backlinks present on your website or your competitor’s website.

D.A & P.A gives the domain rating and page rating of your website. Domain rating tells about the probability of ranking of websites in the top 10 lists of search engines.

If you are not using this tool then get it now. Just by clicking on the link:-

Note:-  If your website is ranking on some specific keyword then you must think once before using ahrefs webmaster tool but if you are new in the blogging field then you should definitely use this tool for analyzing your website.

Ahrefs webmaster tool is one of the advanced SEO tools that help you in researching keywords, checking backlinks, analyzing d.a & p.a, site audit. These all features of ahrefs tool help you in one way or another to increase your online business.

This video guides you in creating your ahrefs webmaster tool account. For more technology-related information just hit that subscribe button and press the bell icon for getting instant notification of new video.

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