Asking Right Questions While Hiring WordPress Maintenance Agency

Asking Right Questions While Hiring WordPress Maintenance Agency

WordPress maintenance is simple yet mundane and time-consuming. It is essential to keep your WP website well-maintained and updated to stay ahead of the competition. Outsourcing your WordPress maintenance need is a wise decision but you need to perform thorough research as well as ask the appropriate question to determine if the professionals are ideal for your task. 

Set My Site is a WordPress Maintenance Service that helps to sustain your website health with daily checks, upkeeps, fixes, and security tasks. Here are some questions to ask the potential WP maintenance representative during consultation.

What is covered in the WP maintenance package?

The must-have services to look for in a maintenance package are updates [major & minor], backups, security, website edits, and reporting. 

What are their support hours?

Get to know upfront about the professional’s support hours, especially when you are connected with international companies. If your website’s functionality and uptime are critical then choose an outsourcing maintenance service that offers 24/7 support, which means the night shifts are covered. It ensures that issues will be fixed as soon as they pop up, thus reducing any downtime. 

If you are unaware of the support time you will get is not cool. It will harm your business. You need all thorough support!

What is the best practice followed?

Over time, the coding standards change. Therefore it is necessary to stay updated about the changes and ensure that the code is compatible with new technologies. Ensure that the backup and security policies adhere to the jurisdiction legalities. It is essential or you can get penalized significantly in case of data breach or hacking.

Is there flexibility in contract length terms?

Long-term contracts of one to two years can be risky because you cannot completely trust the agency. You need to experience their working style for a couple of months to completely trust them with your website reputation. 

Check for flexibility because several WP maintenance services offer monthly plans, which means you are not tied up and can switch if you feel uncomfortable with their way of maintenance. 

How much time do you allocate for a project?

It will help to hold them responsible but even help you determine their interest level in your project’s success. The chances that they have multiple projects to work on at the same time are high. Therefore it is essential to be clear about how much time will they spend on your website maintenance in a week.

What reports to expect?

Reports are crucial because it helps to gain an insight into how well the website is functioning. The plugins and themes are getting updated and security is taken care of. Even ask if the reports are included in the management package. Make sure to see everything happening on your site at least once a month. 

Can you share references?

Checking the portfolio of their past clients helps to get an idea of how they deal with challenges and their competence levels. Reliable WP maintenance services will proudly show their best work. They have satisfied and loyal customers, who will be eager to share their experiences.