Domain Name – Full Details 2020

A domain name is a word you heard the most when any talk about websites. Now, the question arises what is Domain? What is the use of Domain? This post is going to deliver you all details about the domain name. So, let’s get started.

What is Domain Name ?

The domain name is the address of the website. Before building a Website you need to buy a domain. In simple words, domain works similarly as our house or shop address that helps people reach our house or shop.

Term Domain create many questions in our mind. Let’s discuss each question is details.

What is use of Domain ?

Domain the unique address of your website like This is the domain name of our website. Considering the fact that a unique domain helps you a lot to give an initial boost to your website.

What are types of Domain ?

You may observe the suffix of different websites like,,, these suffixes depend on the types of domain. These categories or type of domain creates a huge impact on the traffic of the website. You don’t need to remember the suffix of all websites. These are the following types of domain.

Top Level Domains ( TLD )

A domain with a high ranking in the DNS system is known as a top-level domain. There are several top-level domains some of them are:

Generic Top Level Domain

These are the collection of best known top-level domains like .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz these domains can purchase or registered by anyone from anywhere using domain registration websites like Godaddy, Hostinger, BigRock, etc.

Country code Top Level Domains

These are also top-level domains but they include country code. For e.g., these are country-based top-level domains.

Trusted Company for Buying Domains.

There are a lot of companies across the globe who sell domains at different prices. In India, the most famous websites for domains buying are Godaddy, BigrRock, HostGator, Hostinger. These domain registration websites are most famous in India because there customer support system is very good as well as supports our Indian bank’s payment gateway. These websites also take payment through UPI, PayTm, Google Pay, Phone Pe.

How domain is created and Managed?

The University of Wisconsin Created a domain name system in the year 1983. A domain is nothing but the I.P address of the website. It means by entering the I.P address of the website in browse’s URL box you can access the website. This is the same website that you are accessing by using domain names.

Management of Domain

ICANN is an organization that manages domain names. This is the main database center of all domain names. This website provides an API for domain selling. By using, this API all domain selling website displays the domain names in their display domain panel at the same time.

Domain Name

Paid Domain names.

Domain name with higher priority like .com, .in,, .org, .net. are paid domains because the demand for these domains is very high. Generally, Blogger, businessmen, educational Institute takes these domains. If a blogger trying to earn money from blog posts by monetizing, then he/she needs to take a top-level domain.

These are famous website from there you can buy Top level domain :

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostinger
  3. Hostgator
  4. BigRock
  5. Resellers club
  6. Google Domains
  7. NameCheap

Free Domain names.

Free domain names are also the same as the paid domain. But generally, people do not take interest in free domains. Bloggers with low budgets buy these domains without paying any fee to make a lot of money by creating a free website. You can also monetize your blog with a free domain name but google does not allow these domains. so, you can not take google AdSense by using the free domain. If You really wanted to monetize your blog then you can use third-party ad services like Adstera ads network, Propellorads, A-aa ads.

These are famous website from there you can buy Free domain name :

  • DOT TK

Premium Domains

Domain whose actual price is around $ 10 but the domain selling website charges a large amount for a particular domain. These types of domains are called Premium Domain.

Today business-minded people purchased the subsidiary domain of the famous business websites and sold these domains with very high margins.

Domain Name


These are the domain which created just by changing some letter inside the top-level domain like or These two domain names are the best examples of sub-domains.

Yes, this is free domain and you can monetize your blogs by using sub-domains.

What is Domain Privacy?

When you purchase a domain then domain selling company asks about your personal details like your name, email-id, address, contact number. After that these website uploads your data on a website named After that different freelancers, business experts, bloggers use your data to sending you spam messages and ask you to take their services. For getting rid of this problem users buy a domain privacy feature. It cost around 200 rupees for a year.

Domain Name
Domain name Privacy

What is Domain Transfer?

Domain transfer is the policy of the domain selling website that allows one user to transfer their domain to other users by creating their profile. This process takes usually takes 1-2 days time and the charge for this process is around 500 rupees.

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What is Domain E-Mail Facility?

Domain email facility is a facility in which your email is created by using your domain name.

For these service domain broker companies charges 50 rupees for creating your business.

Note:- There is no need to invest money in creating domain email facilities. After purchasing your web hosting you can easily create your business email without investing extra money.

How to Create Business E-mail using domain and web-hosting

How to Buy Domain?

This is an easy process you need to visit domain selling websites like Godaddy, BigRock, Hostinger, HostGator. After that you need to click on the domain search tab then enter the name you want to register for your name with extensions like .com, .in, .xyz like that. Add domain to your cart process the same as you have used earlier in amazon or Flipkart. Click on your cart option to proceed with your payment. Here your need to create an account by filling your personal details and then you can pay the domain registration fee through any payment gateway.

Domain Name
Domain Name
Domain Name

How to Buy Expired Domain names?

After the expiry of any domain name, it again listed in the auction from there you can buy it. This means there are some websites from there you can easily purchase the expired domain.

But, you need to keep some points in your mind before buying expired domains like D.A, P.A score, spam score, Google Adsense applied or verified, govt. blocked domains, backlinks.

D.A. & P.A. :- Domain authority & Page authority

Spam score:- Spam Score represents the percentage of sites with similar features we’ve found to be penalized or banned by Google.

D.R. Score:- Domain rating score helps in ranking of the website on the front page of google.


What is the validity period of domain name?

Generally Validity period of domain is one year it might be more or less than a year depending on your choice.

What is the Validity period of free domain name?

Minimum validity of free domain is one month and maximum validity of domain is one year. After that you can again renewal it for next year.

What is the min. & Max price of domain?

Minimum Price of domain name is 70 rupees ( $ 1 ) and maximum 1,000 - 1,500 rupees for a top level domain. But price of premium domain is not fixed.

What is domain privacy ?

Domain privacy is a service of domain registration company to hide your personal data from public domain.

Can i pay money through Paytm or UPI ?

Yes, this is possible you can pay charge of domain registration from your Paytm wallet or through any UPI.

Where i use my domain if i don't have Web hosting ?

You can use domain in Google blogger as a custom domain name for monetizing your blogger. In Google blogger platform you not need to buy a web hosting. By default google allocated web hostings for newbie bloggers.

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