If there’sa will, there is a way.So, there are third-party solutions and other tricky options to download photosfrom Instagram.

The easiest and simplest way is to take a screenshot. Of course, the resolution will not be upto standard. This is the fastest way to download images from Instagram.

Another quick way is to save the images on the Instagram portal itself.   Sometimes there is a photo that you like and admire and want to enjoy again later, then you can bookmark the picture. There is no need to download it.   The only disadvantage is that the image will disappear if the author of the image deletes the Instagram post. However, such cases are very rare. To save the image, click on the bookmark icon on the bottom-right corner of the post.   The saved post can be viewed by going to the Instagram Profile menu and then the saved option.

There are other methods to download images from Instagram using third-party apps.

THROUGH WEBSITE:There is a website known as DownloadGram. You need first to visit the website of DownloadGram at saveinsta. After that,  how it works is:

Firstly, find the image on Instagram that you want to download, then click the three-dot icon on the top right and select the copy link feature. Paste this link in the text box of DownloadGram’s website and click on ‘Download Now’ and ‘Download,’ which is right below the image. So in these simple steps, you can download images from Instagram.

FOR ONLY ANDROID USERS:There is another best app known as FastSave.   The process is similar to DowloadGram.   However, for good order sake, the process is explained below:

From the Play Store, download the FastSave app and open it. Then go to the Instagram app and the image you want to download. By tapping the three-dot icon on the top-right, select the copy link option and then paste the link in the search box of the FastSaveapp. Then click on the download button at the bottom-right corner. You can select and pick all the images you want by ticking on the boxes and then selecting the Fast Download option.

FOR WINDOWS USERS:  Those using Microsoft can take advantage of another Windows-specific program called the Save-o-gram. This program offers a complete solution to downloading photos independently and ina .zip file. There is another excellent option offered that is visualizing images in a resizable grid. The process is simple.

Firstly, download and install this app and copy the link/username/hashtag of the images you want to download. Select the images and click on the the option ‘Download selected photos’ or ‘download as a ZIP file.’The only disadvantage is that it is a paid app and not free.


Since Instagram is very particular about maintaining the security and privacy of its users, it does not allow the downloading of photos and images. However, it can be done using any of the methods mentioned above.