Four Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Label Printer

Four Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Label Printer

With a lot of label printer models available on the market, picking the right printer for your company can be confusing. And since these machines come with different features and specifications, you must do your homework before you purchase one. Whether you want to invest in a budget-friendly, entry-level printer, or an advanced model like RFID label printers from TSC, there are things you must consider before you make your final decision. 

If you are printing labels with RFID tags, make sure you buy a model with this capability. Usually, RFID tags are used to track assets or inventory and can be read using special scanners. A lot of label printers these days come with RFID printing capabilities. Thus, you should be able to find a specific model that meets the needs of your company. When looking for the right label printer, here are important things you must consider:


Usually, the price is a significant factor to consider when picking a label printer. You must invest in a printer that is within your price range and provides the features you are looking for. If your printer won’t be used frequently, you don’t have to invest in a top-of-the-line machine. A lot of budget-friendly printers are available and can get the job done right. Make sure you do not choose a label printer based on price alone.


A label printer that lasts a long time allows you to recoup the initial investment. To ensure you get a durable printer, choose one that has a robust construction and metal casing. Such kind of printer can hold out against heavy use and may last for a lot of years. Choose a printer with a warranty, so you can be covered when something goes wrong with it. 

Print Quality

If your company has to generate high-quality labels, invest in a printer that provides high-quality prints. Find features such as advanced printing technologies and high resolutions to ensure the machine produces professional-looking labels. Companies have varying print quality needs, so assess your specific requirements. 

Print Speed

The best label printer can keep up with your company’s demands. A printer with a high print speed can get your labels printed quickly and promptly. If speed is your priority, look for a printer that provides that can produce a minimum of ten labels per minute. But make sure you do not compromise on print quality for the speed.