Google loses control of domain

Google loses control of domain

Hello friends and welcome to our blog and today you are going to get very important information. The Google Blogger platform is very special for all those people who want to make a website free of charge. This is a great platform for new developers who want to learn about the website. 

News: – Google loses control of domain

Today’s news is that the control of the domain has been exempted from the control of Google company, that is, Google Blogger which used to provide Subdomain has now become Lapse. The website which was made with more than 40 lakh websites in the domain has now been down. 

When did Domain Lapse

Following the trends information, the domain lapsed in the first week of June. Currently, all that active domain has been put on sale for $ 5, 999 which anyone can buy. Users no tension

 But those who are hosting their website on the blogger .com domain need not take any tension and their website is running well. 
If you want to learn how to create a website with the domain on the blogger platform then watch this video and subscribe to the channel.

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