Here are 5 Ways to Handle Negative Customer Reviews Online

When growing your business, you need organic visibility to enable potential customers to find your website when looking for products and services in search engines. What is essential is for your new customers to see the positive feedback from your previous customers. This will give them the confidence to do business with you. However, sometimes you will get negative customer feedback no matter how hard you try to please them. 

Negative reviews have a terrible impact on your business. This is because you might lose customers’ trust, affecting your sales and the revenues you get. You can avoid getting negative feedback and reputation by hiring online reputation management such as DigitalOx Ltd to ensure negative comments does not appear anywhere online. This article will explore ways to handle negative customer reviews online.

1.      Always Respond Quickly and Thoughtfully

When you get any negative comments on your website, try to respond to the customer as soon as possible. This will give other customers confidence that you listen to their complaints. In addition, it will help to limit the damage caused. On top of responding quickly, you should appreciate all the responses that you receive. The critics help you and your team understands what you need to improve to improve the customer experience. For a customer to leave negative feedback, they have taken the time, which often happens immediately after doing business with you.

2.      Always Customize Every Response

When responding to your customer’s feedback, addressing the issues head-on is essential. The customers want to be heard and impact your business by preventing other customers from experiencing the same. Be genuine when answering them, and customize your response.

3.      Distance Your Emotions

Negative feedback is not meant to be a personal attack. Most people make the mistake of making the issues personal by trying to attack or get defensive. Even though you remember the person leaving the comment was not acting the right way, try to prioritize your business and be professional. The key is to distance your emotions and take the remarks with openness and gratitude.

4.      Solve the Issue Offline

The best way to deal with negative remarks offline is to deal with them. Get the customer’s contact info and ask them for the best time to communicate. When you schedule the time, apologize for the error and issue. This way, they will be sure that you care about your customers, and if there is a way to solve their problem, you need to try it. 

5.      Take the Extra Step

After listening and understanding the issue, you can evaluate it to know if it can be solved or not. Sometimes just apologizing can’t be enough. If the problem cannot be resolved, you can go the extra step to show that you want to do what is right and earn their trust back. One way to do this is by offering gift cards or flowers to create a good impact and a way to make an apology. You can also create a reviewer video that will help change the perception of other potential customers.

Final Words

The above are crucial things you need to do when dealing with negative customer reviews online. Ensure you try improving on their complaints and respond to them to show potential customers that you care about their feedback and are willing to do the right thing.