Hotel PMS Software: How do Hotel Staff Utilize it?

Hotel PMS Software: How do Hotel Staff Utilize it?

The concept of the hotel property management system has gained immense importance in the past few years. Hotels around the world are considering incorporating the software to handle their day-to-day routine because of its multiple benefits. considering a hotel PMS software helps hotels organize and handle their operations efficiently. Also referred to as hotel software, it is pivotal to hotel operations as it assures uninterrupted and seamless interdepartmental information flow. Thus, the hotel staff can coordinate and operate effectively, streamlining operations, and serving guests better.

Front desk staff

With the use of a smart hotel property management system (PMS), a front desk staff can streamline the reservation procedure completely. Whether it is accepting bookings via travel agencies, OTAs, or walk-ins, allocating rooms to guests, or confirming and sending confirmation emails to the guests, everything can be handled seamlessly. In addition, the front desk staff can also ake requests for changes, room upgrades, and booking cancellations without hassles using the hotel property management software. Some other tasks performed via PMS are by front desk staff in a hotel are:

  •   Check-ins and check-outs
  •   Guest registration
  •   Night audits
  •   Room management (for instance, marking rooms that require attention for housekeeping)

Housekeeping staff

Housekeeping plays a key role in assuring the satisfaction of the guests. After a check-out when the front desk staff marks a room as vacant, the PMS software sends an alert or notification to the housekeeping department. Once the cleaning tasks are complete, the housekeeping department marks the room ready to occupy on the hotel PMS software. Thus, the front desk staff is aware that rooms are available and thereby can execute faster check-ins for guests. In addition, the hotel PMS software helps schedule housekeeping tasks, allocate staff, and also monitor for timely completion. In short, the hotel property management software helps for clear and seamless communication between different departments in the hotel.

POS outlet staff

When a guest check-in a hotel, he/she doesn’t just stay there. He/she also uses the restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, and other services as well, referred to as POS outlets. The staff at the POS outlets don’t keep on asking to clear the bills every time a guest walks in and makes use of any of the services. Instead, the staff posts the POS outlet charges (non-room charges) directly to the guest in the room, and he/she clears it during the final bill payment while checking out. The automation, thanks to PMS integration eliminates billing errors and also saves time.

General Managers

General Managers are responsible for the overall hotel administration. In addition, a general manager also handles the strategic planning assuring the success of a hotel. This demands the powerful leverage of an all-in-one hotel software that aids him/her with insights and KPIs of the hotel business. using a hotel PMS software, a general manager can seek reports on the different aspects like reservation, housekeeping, revenue, forecasting, occupancy, guest history, and so on.


Hotel PMS software is considered a vital tool in serving hotel guests better. The majority of the hotels around the world have integrated with the software realizing its importance and benefits of it.