How To Determine If A Mobile Archiver POC Is Successful?

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a staple in people’s lives, whether for work or personal purposes. But this development has also made it more challenging for companies to comply with the archiving requirements. Organizations have to level up their systems with mobile archiving features to capture mobile calls and messages that are company-related.

Fortunately, developers like Telemessage now offer to achieve this to help entities in expanding their archiving system’s capacity and coverage. Administrators can choose among its programs: network archiver, android archiver, enterprise number archiver, and voice call archiver. It also has modules for chat and mobile call monitoring in applications like WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.

Identifying whether a mobile archiving tool is suitable for the company is quite tricky, especially if it is their first time trying the product. Here are some of the features that organizations should look out for in an archiving tool.

Primarily, the product must be able to execute instant archival. The admins should be able to see a record as soon as a message or call is initiated. This ensures that all transmitted data are saved and that nothing is lost in the gap between the time of the message delivery and archiving. Missing data is bad, especially if the company later faces record inquisitions or audits.

Additionally, the solution should have end-to-end encryption power to maintain data security and privacy. As messages move through the network, the company faces the risk of third-party interference. Encryption makes sure that messages are incomprehensible when outsiders peek inside the channel.

Telemessage provides these capabilities and more with its mobile archiver solutions. Comply with transparency on records archiving and other regulations with our products. With it, organizations can secure and retain data within TeleMessage servers or in an archiving data storage vendor of your choice.

Learn more about determining the success of a mobile archiver POC in an infographic from Telemessage.