Making Your Site ADA Compliant with The Unique Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Making Your Site ADA Compliant with The Unique Accessibe WordPress Plugin

Today, the Internet is experiencing a wide range of changes, with HTML 5 replacing Flash for animation and video content on sites. Other major changes are taking place as well, and some websites are changing to responsive designs that offer better usability for users with mobile devices. When you visit any website today, you will notice that all of them are not 100% compliant with the rules of web accessibility.

Are these changes affecting the functionality of the Accessibe WordPress Plugin?

Though several dynamic changes are taking place on the web today when it comes to WordPress accessibility, are they affecting the performance of the Accessibe WordPress plugin that website owners worldwide widely used?

The answer is no, as this plugin has been created to take care of accessibility issues for every WordPress site. For instance, if your site’s content is made with Flash, it will not be accessible to users that need assistive technologies like voice recognition or screen readers. This is where the plugin steps in to help. It will enable the removal of the Flash as well as the Java elements from the site and use HTML 5 for animation and video content. At the same time, it will boost your site to use responsive design so that it looks amazing when users view it on their desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. If your site is already using the above technology, this means you already have a site that is accessible and on the top of the SEO charts.

How does this plugin function?

When it comes to the role of the plugin in improving the accessibility of the site, the process differs from site to site. It depends upon the technology the site uses. For instance, if you have an old site with Flash-based content, you need to install a plugin to carry out the reformatting process for you. Here you need to copy-paste the HTML into the plugin to make it fully compliant. This process might be ongoing, but thanks to the Accessibe plugin, the site is fully accessible.

If you have a site created recently, say in 2010 or after, you do not have to worry as with Flash, Accessibe has its very own plugin that automatically converts your site. You just need to download the plugin and install it. The process is so simple. Once done, your site is fully compliant with ADA and WCAG guidelines.

The Accessibe WordPress functions with all key browsers like the Internet Explorer, 7 and 8, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 2+, Safari 4+. Even if you have an older version of the above browsers, your site still will be accessible. The only problem is that it will not meet the compliance standards needed under Section 508 or WCAG 2.0AA standards. You should update the browser, this is a simple step for you to do, and it will give you a host of benefits in the process as well.