Quality content or Link Building? Which one should you focus on?

Quality content or Link Building? Which one should you focus on?

So, Mr. Joe Da Doe smacked on the table and shrieked, “Even Trump does not stress us this much. At first, they said SEO, then they said Link Building, and now Content?” Well, we understand you and your concern. So we spoke to Digital White Labels, best link building services or quality content? Get more Information about Digital White Labels. It said that times have changed, and for the better of all.

Link is the key to all the life that is around in this universe.

What to choose between Quality Content and Link Building?

At first, there was nothing. Then the big bang happened followed by chaos. Then from chaos, the order took birth. The key to this order was its ability to form chains. This ability to form a chain is very fundamental to the life-form around. It is what guides hierarchy in life forms.

If you just look at the human kingdom, you will find that we rank in the society based on more or less very few factors –

  • How better is our social network?
  • What value do we serve?
  • What is our expertise or skill?

These same things are what rule the digital world too. There is the link building quality, SEO, and content quality (expertise). We’ll be discussing SEO in a brief later on. So, what should you choose if there comes a situation? Should you be going for, says Digital White Labels, best Link Building Services or should you go for quality content services?

We’ll discuss each of these, one by one.

The importance of link building in SERP rankings!

Back in the year 2014 a Google representative took a question to the internet, “What is the future of link building?” He said that backlinks are going to be there for a long time until the Google search engine is so powerful that it does not need backlinks anymore. What did he mean? To understand it, we must first understand what link building actually is and why it is here. More Information about DigitalWhiteLabels and how it handles link building.

So the story began in the late 1990s when Google came to the world as a phenomenal search engine. It had a revolutionary idea to rank websites – backlinks. It saw the reasoning behind this in how humans socialize in the real world. For example, we talk to the experts in our field, discuss things together, get fame based on knowledge, and then help people. Things are all interrelated. The idea around Google was that the more the backlinks the better the chances that the website is famous. Google took it as an indication of expertise and ranked those websites with more backlinks on the top of SERP. But it forgot something there.

It forgot that people are always smarter and try to manipulate whatever comes their way. And people did try to manipulate. They were buying cheap links in bulk at 5-10 $s. They were doing link farming and whatnot!

So Google tackled the problem with its giant updates like Jagger, Penguin, Panda, etc. But here is the thing — when the purpose of Google is to be a bridge between seekers and providers, to provide high-quality content to the users, why does it need backlinks? Can’t it just read the content and know if it is true or not? Just like God?

Well, as for now, Google is not that smart to judge the content and rank accordingly. It is still working on many things like

  • NLP
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

These things will help it understand the content like God and thus recommend websites. This is the reason that back in the year 2014 Google had said that backlinks are going to be here for a long time. So, what is the future? And where does content stand?

The importance of quality content in SERP ranking!

If you just need to know why apples are red and there is a website that tells you just that, why can’t you see that website against your query? The reason is that there are thousands of websites that tell you just that. How do you know which website is telling you the truth and which is lying? For this, there are many factors to judge. We call these factors ranking factors. Here some ranking factors for example-

  • Anchor Text
  • Link building
    • quality of backlinks (high DA and PA)
    • niche of backlinks. For example, beauty, finance, sports, etc.
    • ccTLDs
    • domain’s age
    • past records
  • Social Media signals
  • User Signals. For example, people exiting the website within few seconds.
  • Bounce Rate
  • User Retention Rate
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Quality of SEO
  • Quality of Content

As years will pass and Google will grow stronger, it will rely less on these factors and judge on its own ability. This will give rise to quality content. And we can already see it around. For example, when you search for something on Google, you see high-quality websites with great content showing up. Content is the king and you must revere it.

If you think you can rank on Google based on your backlinks alone, you need to wash your face, drink some coffee, slap yourself twice in front of the mirror, and then shout, “content is the king”. If your content is exceptional, Google believes that people will likely share it. This will lead to natural link building.

The importance of SEO!

SEO is nothing but a way to inform Google and other search engines about your content and what it means. Because Google is a machine and this machine is not very intelligent, it needs you to tell what your content is about. It is like a process that you need to follow to tell search engines about yourself. Every minute thousands of websites get created. Search Engines need to know about them. These websites are on unknown servers which need to be connected to Google through the internet. SEO is a way to connect.

In the future SEO might see a fall because Google in itself will become able to find content on the web, understand it, and then index.

Link Building or Quality Content? Conclusion!

As far as we talk about the present, link building is a real ranking factor. Search engines at present date are not strong enough to work as God. It depends on social clues and link building is one of them. Also, these links should be of quality. Studies have shown that websites that rank on top of SERP have a higher number of backlinks. But it is not just about backlinks. It is about gaining relevant backlinks. And gaining backlinks are brutally breath-taking. It is the toughest part of ranking on the SERP. Consequently, companies hire experts in link building to help them rank over their competitors. Says Digital White Labels, best Link Building Services get always sought by big companies.

However, the time to come is going to be of the content. If you are an expert, you need to provide expert-level content to your users. But how do you do it? Either you write it by yourself or hire some expert. Either way, the content must be exceptional. Why? Because if the content is bad, people are going to exit immediately. And this will hint at Google about poor quality content. Consequently, it will rank your website down, said DWL. Get more Information about DigitalWhiteLabels and how it has been helping companies multiply their profits.

So, if you have a limited budget, spend it on link building because it requires expertise. You may write quality content by yourself. But, if you have a proper budget, we highly recommend you to invest in what is required. The competition is brutally tough and it requires investment to surpass the competitors. If you won’t do it, your competitors will.