Reasons why you should be downloading your favourite YouTube videos

Reasons why you should be downloading your favourite YouTube videos

Many people are very fond of browsing YouTube videos as on this search engine you can actually find all sorts of videos (and if you’re wondering, yes, YouTube is a search engine, and actually the second largest search enginein the online universe, right after Google).

Essentially, you can find anything you want on YouTube, whether it be hilarious clips, guides on how to cook your favourite dish, how to use (or repair) a tech device, and many, many more. This is also a fantastic channel for companymanagers to promote their services and products. You can also find a number offilms on YouTube, that you can even download. So whatever it is that you are looking for on this website, it is crucial that you are informed and instructed on how to convert and download videos online. This will let you download your favourite videos a lot easier and you will be able to play them on your laptop or device later, without any hassle.

Many of usjust don’t have enough time to watch the video we’re after at a specificmoment, so we like to download the video and then to watch it at home or at the office later. Once a video is downloaded into your computer or device, it doesn’t need an internet connection to get ready.

When you’re on the go

Many of us prefer to watch our videos this way. Some people just prefer to download their favourite YouTube videos into their deviceso that they can watch them later without being connected to the WiFi or on other devices. This technique is very useful in case you are flying or travelling by some other means of transport without a connection, or just doing your regular commute to your job. Many of us download TV series and then watch them once they’re saved on a tablet in the commute or public transport, during periods no connectivity. It is ideal for keeping yourself entertained when waiting for any sort of reason, such as waiting rooms with no WiFi or connectivity.

Downloading Facebook or YouTube videos is a fantastic idea in case you have a limitless data mobile plan. This brings to mind some of your friends, right? You can do the same. You can download YouTube videos to your laptop, tablet or smartphone utilising your personalWiFi at home and watch those videos on the move without any risks of going beyond your mobile data allowance.

Get it before it’s gone

Another excellent reason:at times YouTube videos are deleted by the poster. I’m sure you have heard such stories before: someone you know might have saved aYoutube video, like someinstructions or educational video, with the option “watch it later”, and when thet finally went ahead and tried to watch it a few weeks later… too late, it’s gone.The video was deleted.This is why it is an excellent idea to download your favourite YouTube videos.

Sharing is caring

And yet another fantastic reason: it is indeed much easier to share your downloaded video with a friend, rather than sharing the link if you didn’t save it. Sure, of course it is easier to just share a link, but it comes with a risk, plus the hassle of finding the actual video in case you haven’t saved the link beforehand – which, let’s face it, probably you didn’t.It can be especially difficult to find some videosyou watched on Facebook some time later, those algorithms by the Zuckerberg team and the never-ending auto-renewing of the feed might end up annoying you.

When the time comes to download your YouTube videos…

The task of downloading videos from YouTube is not that hard at all, as long as you have the right device or technology, and the right know-how in order download to videos and other media files. When you master these areas, you are more than good to go. You will be able to share your favourite videos on your social media profiles, as well as upload those clips on your YouTube account. Just download those videos that you want to save on your laptop as well as on a USB drive or external memory.

As you’re aware, not everyone is tech savvy and understands the process of saving a video from YouTube into a device. Downloading a video from YouTube can actually be a little tricky. YouTube (so, basically, Google)has designed the platform to make it impossible for us to download their videos, so they will need to keep coming back to their site whenever they want to watch them. This is where video downloaders come into scene.

What does it mean for me to use a YouTube video downloader?

A YouTube Video downloader will mean for you spending less time hunting around for your favourite videos. The benefits are pretty simple to understand. For example, it could be for whenever you need to show a video to someone else, or for your own use. So if you have ever been searching for videos and wanted to keep one in your device to watch again later, a YouTube downloader is what you’re looking for.

Whether the video in question is a music video, apodcasts, an interview, or any other type of video, these tools will come in handy. So, let’s cut to the chase…

How do I use an actual YouTube downloader?

This couldn’t be more straightforward and simpler. The usual way is as simple as “copy & paste” the actualURL link of the YouTube video. Some specific tools do offer browser extensions that will allow you to capture entire videos or parts of a video while you are actually browsing through the web. Also, advanced video downloader softwaresometimes come with a built-in browser feature, so you can go ahead and search for videos straight from within the software or app.