Six things you need to know about Pinterest

Six things you need to know about Pinterest

Pinterest may be considered to be full of enthusiasts for cute adorable content but the reality is Pinterest is the biggest network which consists of 200 million active users and it’s still growing. Pinterest is a great platform for businesses and sales and especially active users are searching for ideas and might well purchase some if they are interested. Also check: pinterest download video

Let us start with the basics

  1. What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network app or website for sharing ideas and products, where individuals and businesses can pin the product or picture on the board so the users can view the content.

Pinterest neatly categorizes the images and helps users to search and helps more small businesses to grow.

  1. What is the Pinterest audience like?

The Pinterest audiences are aesthetic lovers who love organized and cute kinds of stuff and as always women are more engaged and active users on Pinterest, but surprisingly older men especially dads.

Another set of the audience is looking for DIY or affordable products to buy.

  1. What is the most searched topic on Pinterest?

Pinterest categories everything and people are desperate for new ideas, so the hottest topics are life moments like babies, weddings, new homes, and topics like the dress, festivals, financial services, DIY, food, pets, decors, photography, jewelry, fitness, and fashion, etc.

  1. Why Pinterest for business?

Pinterest is proven to be a great platform for sales and purchases since its free app is a great deal for buyers and especially sellers who want to promote the product without much investment yet gain a lot from it. It’s recommended to give a legit website in the description, catchy ad, and contact details so people wouldn’t think it’s a scam.

  1. Which businesses prefer Pinterest more?

Pinterest is widely used by well-known shops including Ikea, House of Fraser, and ASOS. However, local firms are also developing strategies to get visitors to the website.

Pinterest has unveiled Pinterest for Biz, a tool presenting innovative approaches, case studies, and best practices for businesses.

Pinterest is a free app to promote your product and reaches a lot of users with the right content so Pinterest is preferred for business.

  1. How do you start?
  2. Firstly create a board on topics that you know and interest you.
  • Browse the website you want to pin
  • You can drag and drop pictures into your favorite bar by using the Pin It button found in the Pinterest Goodies menu.
  • Pinterest is an interactive app so it allows users to like, comment, and share the content
  • But always remember there are certain rules to follow.

Tips to make your business shine on Pinterest

  • Keep the content short and sweet but at the same time don’t miss out on important details like website info, your other social media platforms IDs, etc
  • Catchy and spicy names promote your product more, always have famous keywords, and don’t forget to keep the quality of the photo at its best.
  • Fewer boards with more pictures are preferable to hundreds of distinct boards when it comes to message boards. Consider adding prices to your product pins and making sure there is a click-through to the purchasing cart on your website.
  • Pin other people’s products to help promote your own products as well.
  • Since it’s legal to check out other businesses on Pinterest, do so. Make sure you know the latest trends and take some advice from them.