The 5 uncomplicated marketing strategies for staffing agencies

The 5 uncomplicated marketing strategies for staffing agencies

The staffing agencies in NYC are working day in and day out to get the people their dream jobs. Essentially, a staffing agency works as an intermediary between the job provider and the job seeker. They ensure that job providers get the best candidates for the vacant position. On the other hand, they are also responsible to help job seekers get hold of the best job positions in top companies.

Because the staffing agency is serving the dual responsibility towards both the potential employers and employees, it is important to market the staffing agency in the right manner. For marketing staffing agency NYC, the promotion methods should reach out to both the potential clients as well as the potential candidates.

The staffing agencies can never take a back seat. Their role is such that they have to be on their feet throughout. Moreover, in order to collaborate with more potential employers, it is necessary to have a complete marketing strategy. Not just for potential employers, but to reach out to the best candidates having a marketing strategy is a must.

Uncomplicated marketing strategies for potential clients and candidates:

When working with a marketing agency for creating a marketing plan, it is useful to follow some common marketing ideas. These ideas are easy to execute and show visible results. Below are the best five simple marketing strategies that can help in expanding the reach of a staffing agency:

  1. Work on your website – How many of you go on to the second page of the google search when you are looking for something? Frankly, there is hardly anyone who bothers to move to page second while doing a web search. We all get our answers with the first five to six search results. Now, if you yourself don’t go through the trouble of surfing the complete search results, how can you expect your customers to do that for you. As a result, being a staffing agency, it becomes essential to constantly work on your website. For a staffing agency, having an on-page SEO for your website is crucial. Clearly, you don’t want to lose out on your potential clients because of poor search engine optimization.
  2. Build social media presence – Usually, job seekers are highly active on social media. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, they are looking for great job opportunities on every platform. Obviously, this means that you must create a social media presence as a staffing agency. Social media will become your platform to have a personal connection with both clients and candidates. In order to build a social media presence, one can also opt for social media advertising. Make sure you are posting on your accounts at least four to five times a day. Moreover, using important hashtags for social media posts is a must. Together all these actions will make people aware of the existence of your staffing agency.
  3. Reach out to past business relationships – An effective marketing strategy for a staffing agency can never be a one-time thing. You have to keep reminding people about your role in building their careers. As a result, referring back to your unplaced candidates and previous clients is helpful. Either opt for text messages or emails to let the job seekers know about the current job vacancies. For the previous clients, it is important to connect with them and know about their current needs for new employees. Reaching out is the best way to make clients feel that you care for them.
  4. Build resources – Looking for the best candidates and finding the right job opportunity requires certain important information. As a staffing agency, being the guide for both clients and candidates will take you a long way. Additionally, providing vital information can also be a great marketing strategy. So, try to conduct webinars for making the candidates aware of the market trends. Opt for brochures, e-books, etc to build your resources. These resources will become your content for marketing your staffing agency. Spreading the word about the important interview questions can be your go-to marketing strategy.
  5. Exhibit your achievement – Boasting about your achievements is no more a nasty thing. In order to gain more clients and candidates, you have to let them know about your work. Showing off your achievements in the right manner is the best way to market your staffing agency. It builds trust and confidence amongst potential clients and candidates. Only when they will believe in your abilities will they come to you for your services. Once you provide them with the best job offers, then you will also gain more business via word of mouth.


Undoubtedly, marketing a staffing agency can get really difficult. Finding the right candidates and creating an impact on their minds requires serious effort. However, it is not an impossible task. In an industry like staffing agencies, the smallest things matter a lot. Try to pay attention to the details of the marketing methods. It will be greatly helpful.

So, if you are a staffing agency wanting to expand your clientele, then focus on the right marketing path. Make sure you contact a good marketing agency which will help you in getting a hold of the market.