Virtual CIO: Why Does A Business Needs It?

Virtual CIO: Why Does A Business Needs It?


In today’s situation, a business cannot run on its own. Modern technology and development require businesses to choose them in order operate with proper speed. Manual operationcan no longer help to run the business with the speed at which demands are increasing. In order to compete with others, it is also necessary to stay up to date and embrace modern ways to manage a business. Today businesses need cloud-based tools as well as consultants. But in many cases, a business requires complete digital transformation. 

A company’s growth requires leadership and support for the IT team. Especially when a company is working on migrating to the cloud, new product line or rebranding, it requires a technical expert to lead the IT team. A CIO is the technical expert with business knowledge. A vCIO does the same job but without asking for similar benefits and salary. This is why vCIO by a computer support company is a good idea for a small or medium size business. 

Long term planning

The decision of the virtual CIO is centered around the requirements of the business and TCO or Total Cost of Ownership of the intended transformation. The virtual CIO makes decisions keeping the bigger picture in mind and helps the IT team to work properly. 

A better option for small and medium businesses

Employing another expert means getting a bit expense on the books. Bonuses, paid leaves, added benefits, insurance and increments will add to the books. But a virtual CIO will be at your service at a much lower cost. There is either a flat fee or hourly basis rate depending on the model of subscription. A business can choose a virtual CIO depending on the size of the business, its requirements and other details. Any small or medium business can enjoy both the benefits of a CIO but at a much lower price.