What do you have to consider when looking for a Minecraft server?

Many people are playing Minecraft online with their friends, gaining popularity. Millions of people around the world are playing Minecraft online every month. The players need to have secure and effective server resources with the support of mods and plugins. And looking for the best Minecraft host will be challenging. 

When you need Minecraft servers and like to play together with your friends, it allows you to connect to a central computer where it will be the game software host for all the players who will use it. However, before you can choose a Minecraft server, you have to look for factors and think about what is the best to apply in your situation. 

Version of Minecraft 

There will be two versions of Minecraft, Java, and Bedrock. It will matter what version you have to use, and you have to look for the right host. It is because the cost of every Minecraft server will be lower or higher. The java version is the standard server version for people using Windows and Mac computers.

It is the default version of Minecraft, while the Bedrock version or Pocketmine is ideal for users using mobile devices such as Android and iOS. And you must know what type of server you have to run because java and Bedrock users cannot play on the same server. You need to have another two different servers when you like to have Minecraft java and Pocket Edition, where it will be expensive. 

Affordable pricing 

The ideal factor when you choose a Minecraft server is its price. Minecraft needs standard mechanics when you like to play with your friends, so you need to have a plan. When you know there is a low price you can decide how you will be able to play with your friends. 


Minecraft 1.14 is the vanilla version that can run on 1.5GB RAM for one to five players. It will be the lowest RAM for a type of server. But when you like to run mods, plugins, or play more people, you have to upgrade your RAM. Your host needs to upgrade and need RAM or other options to support the gameplay. 

Number of players 

You have to know how many players you like to join in your Minecraft server, which will be hard for you to make. But when the server can manage more players with more RAM, it can estimate 250MB RAM in every player. 

Geographical area of the players 

Depending on your area, the server location will significantly impact response time and speed. Ideally, you have to consider it when choosing to play Minecraft. But when the Minecraft server is near, you will have the best speed data transfer and loading time. Most players don’t like to wait for a longer time until the game loads. So it is ideal before you decide on what Minecraft server hosting you will play, you have to know where is your target player base lives. 

Uptime guarantee

When you know a 100% uptime guarantee, someone looks at the server operation. And when there is maintenance, it is also why players are buying Minecraft server hosting rather than running it by themselves. A remote server is faster and has a good performance without lagging.