What is Facebook Room

Facebook Room

Hello everyone, Today you must be surprised by seeing a new feature on Facebook, which is facebook room.

facebook room feature

Yes, my dear friends! Facebook has launched a new feature of Facebook Room in which you can invite your friends to make a group video call. In a video call, you can invite up to 50 friends from your friend list.

By understanding the current pandemic situation Facebook has taken this step to create a video sharing and video calling feature.

Facebook is trying to achieve a big target by using this opportunity. Today everyone is staying in their home due to Covid-19. That’s why Facebook has launched this feature to connect people with each other.

In Facebook room you can invite up to 50 friends at a time for video calling.

A few days ago Facebook-Instagram launched another feature of Insta-Reel, in which you can share your own created videos and show your creativity, and now, this is the new feature of Facebook.

Wait some more features are in a way, these features will definitely amaze you. These new features are going to launch with 1-2 months.

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