What is an Instagram reel – 2020

What is Instagram Reel?

Hello friends and welcome to our new blog and about the reel features of Instagram you will get information today.

 What is a Reel?

The reel is a video sharing platform reel, a video sharing platform that Instagram has launched where you can create and share short videos and make money. 
Tiktok had a lot of craze among the youth in our country, which our Govt has banned. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Instagram reel feature has been launched by Facebook Instagram. India is the fourth country where this feature has been introduced. 

Many companies got a good chance due to ban on Tik-tok.  

The Reel Video Share platform provides you with the feature of making short videos. You can create and share a 15-second video. You will also get a lot of filters, with the help of which you can change the color of the video quite easily. Also, you can use fast motion slow motion.  
You will find all the features present in Tiktok on this platform. If you want, you can make a video by making your account private or public. If you make a video by making an account private, then only your followers can watch your video and if you want, you can share the video in the timeline, or you can DM the videos directly to friends, which is 24 hours After that you will be deleted.

How to use Instagram reel tool?

You will see the reel option near the Instagram camera and click open it You will see all the features of the reel tool on the left side, using which you can edit the video. 

Reel - What is
Instagram Reel

Which tools will you get (instagram reels feature) ? 

Audio effect: – Video creators can use songs or voice in the video using the Instagram music library and if you want, you can also make your own voice in the video, for this, you need to record your voice while the video is recording. Will happen. 

Timer : – Using the timer and countdown option, you can create free hand videos. 

speed: – You can create a good effect in the video by decreasing the speed of the video. 

After making the reel video, you can share it in your Insta story or in status, which will be present for 24 hours. 

filters: – You will also find many unique filters in this tool, which will help you in making the best video. 

You can also make videos with many of your friends very easily, for that you have to use the duet option. 

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