What to Do If Your Website Is Sluggish or Inactive

What to Do If Your Website Is Sluggish or Inactive

Do you have any issues with the operation of your website? Is it taking longer than required to perform its responsibilities? There might be a number of reasons why your website isn’t doing as effectively as it could, but what are the most critical components that your website may require? A lot of factors might raise your performance, ranging from the need to increase your keyword utilization to the fact that all of your site’s visitors mysteriously left all at once.

The following is a list of the most typical problems that might cause your website to perform poorly or load slowly. Any of them might be the culprit. Bear Fox Marketing can help you repair your website by examining it and developing plans to enhance it with the use of its audit tools.

The Positions of Keywords Have Fallen

You’ll have a lot of problems if the positions of the keywords you’ve selected to focus on start to shrink and change. Finding a remedy to a problem that develops when your content’s keyword density begins to fall might be time-consuming. The vast majority of the time, the issue is caused by inappropriate or ineffective keyword use.

Your rankings for the keywords you’re looking for will suffer if you misspell a phrase. Although SEO marketing might be difficult, if you want to reclaim lost keyword ranks, you will need the assistance of an enterprise SEO company such as Bear Fox Marketing.

The Proportion of Organic Hits Has Decreased

A significant drop in organic traffic is a severe problem that might be ascribed to a lack of marketing zeal and knowledge. This might be due to the fact that organic traffic is entirely free. As a result of this issue, businesses that rely heavily on organic traffic may require assistance. Suppose you require extra competent and experienced marketing professionals. In such cases, your website traffic will suffer since fewer people will read your content and buy the products you sell.

The number of visitors will grow if your marketing team is well-trained and understands your objectives. Life will be difficult for everyone involved in the current circumstance as a result of the most recent turn of events. If you’ve been working hard to improve your marketing but are still looking for the results you want, it’s time to consider collaborating with Bear Fox Marketing.

Nighttime Traffic Is Increasing

A drop in website traffic might be caused by a number of things, but poor public relations and a suspected security breach should be at the top of your list. Whatever your website and marketing department are created for, you should always be prepared to investigate and implement a remedy if internet traffic drops dramatically.

If you can’t find a solution, you’ll have to accept a decrease in visitors, which will eventually lead to a decrease in conversions. You will be forced to accept a traffic decrease if you cannot remedy the problem. You will be able to act once you have made changes to the current scenario. Given that the goal of your website is to create public awareness of a problem and inspire people to interact with one another, your statement needs to be revised.

Failing to Make Use of Picture Optimization

The existence of a significant number of images that have yet to be optimized for file size is the most common cause of a website’s bad performance in the vast majority of situations. This is due to the fact that photographs take up a lot of space on the internet. During the loading process, high-quality photographs may use a large portion of the available bandwidth. By uploading larger-sized images and then scaling them down after they’ve been posted, you might increase the size of your web page.

As a result, it will take longer for your website to load. The size of your web page may climb if you upload higher-quality photographs and subsequently scale them down. This can also happen when photographs are uploaded in smaller sizes and later posted in large sizes. This is true whether your website was built with a content management system (CMS) or using a website builder.

It is also crucial to consider the framing of the shot. When compared to the file sizes of other picture formats, such as PNG and GIF, a JPEG image takes up much less storage space. Your pages will load significantly faster if you use JPEG images instead of PNG or GIF graphics on your website.

Advertising Can Be Detrimental

Display adverts are a great strategy to increase advertising report outcomes and monetize high-traffic websites. Advertisements may also be displayed on mobile devices.

Yet, this should not come at the expense of reduced performance or a poor user experience. Please only put a little advertising on your website since this is most likely one of the reasons for its slow loading speed.

The most apparent change in your service as a result of ad saturation will be an increase in the total number of HTTP requests received by your website. As a result, these queries will be processed at a much slower rate.

If pop-unders, interstitials, or auto downloads create hundreds of HTTP requests, customers will be unable to access your website. Lastly, examine the following potential solutions: Reducing the number of display adverts on your website increases its overall performance.


When your website’s performance suddenly drops or declines, there is almost always an underlying problem. There are various probable reasons for what happened based on what you’ve read. You may be ignorant of some of these obstacles, and with your likely extensive to-do list, you may opt to commit more time to learn how to manage these concerns and seeking answers to your inquiries.

Bear Fox Marketing can assist you with website optimization, marketing plan changes, keyword placement, and a range of other services. We’re overjoyed that we can put in a lot of effort and still receive the results we want. Our specialists will join your team and find the components of your business approach that set you unique. We will enhance those unique characteristics in order to restore you to the top of the SERPs.

Please get in touch with us at www.bearfoxmarketing.com so that we can examine your needs and goals. Our expert personnel can develop a plan that is suited to your unique objectives. Unlike other SEO companies, we want to help you acquire new clients and sales rather than increase website traffic.