Why Should Companies Consider Seeking Out Professional AWS Consulting Services?

Why Should Companies Consider Seeking Out Professional AWS Consulting Services?

In the past years, the company’s IT infrastructure, services, and business operations have come to depend heavily on the cloud. The COVID-19 pandemic expedited the growth of the popularity of remote-first, flexible employment and accentuated the need to transit IT systems from traditional on-premise hardware to the cloud. Significant increases in speed, efficiency, agility, and cost reductions have been reported in companies that have switched to the cloud and replaced their legacy systems.

Amazon Web Services, AWS, is the number one cloud destination for companies looking to take the digital transformation journey. The key benefits of the platform include:

  • a comprehensive cloud computing environment
  • availability of multiple cost-effective solutions for companies of every size
  • flexibility to scale up and down with respect to the needs of a specific business
  • enhanced data security and reliability
  • an extended network of vendors and partners providing professional AWS consulting services to businesses looking to transit into the cloud.

Why do companies need AWS consulting services?

Every AWS deployment is a technically complex, multi-faceted process involving many moving components. Apart from the initial setup, it requires to have a focused and well-designed strategy in place to keep everything functioning properly afterward.

The majority of business owners simply do not have the skills, expertise, and time to organize and implement this project, ensure the continuity of business processes and minimize possible risks themselves. For that reason, they prefer to turn to specialized companies like Dedicatted that provide this kind of service on a turnkey basis.

The value of AWS consultations

The easiest and fastest way for enterprises to acquire the technical skills and expertise they need for deploying their IT infrastructure in the cloud is to work with an individual AWS consultant or a company specialized in consulting businesses on how to transfer to the cloud. Working as an extension of the in-house technical team, AWS consultants add their unique skillsets and knowledge to strengthen the existing IT capabilities of the company.

Companies can hire an AWS consulting services provider to conduct specific projects or contract them for a longer time to work on a series of diverse cloud-related tasks.

AWS experts can provide technical assistance in various areas, such as:

  • AWS cloud migrations
  • AWS cloud strategy
  • AWS optimization and operations management
  • AWS security consulting & compliance 
  • Architecting for AWS scalability
  • Post-deployment services and maintenance
  • Transfer of AWS-specific knowledge
  • Guidance on AWS policies and operating procedures, and others.