Why Your Company Should Switch To Signal Messenger

Why Your Company Should Switch To Signal Messenger

During these times, messaging apps risk attacks from hackers and other cybercriminals. As businesses begin integrating technology into their operations, the safety of all conversations and transactions performed in messaging apps must be a top priority. 

Lately, one privacy-centric app has been receiving plenty of attention. Signal is not your typical messaging platform. A very private application, Signal ensures that your conversations are kept secure with end-to-end encryption, providing its users with utmost privacy and security. 

From Signal archived conversations to user verification, here are some features that will make your company switch from WhatsApp or Telegram to the most secure messaging app.

Screen Lock Pin On The App Itself

Every phone can be locked down by setting a screen lock PIN. What makes Signal extra secure is that you can place an additional layer of protection by setting a screen lock PIN on the Signal app itself. All you have to do is to togglethe option in the app’s settings, set a code, and screen lock time out, and you’re good to go.

State-Of-The-Art End-To-End Encryption

You can be confident that your messages and voice calls are safe with Signal’s top-end encryption powered by their open-source protocol. Signal requires you to have a valid phone number to use it, but the app won’t be keeping logs of your calls. Though the phone number registry is a weakness Signal has yet to address, you don’t have to worry about anybody stalking or figuring out whom you were talking to and what you talked about.

Chat Archiving Function

Like WhatsApp and Telegram, you can archive Signal messages by pressing “archive” on any personal or group chats, then access them later by clicking on the bottom of the app. While Telegram keeps messages inside the archive, the only downside of Signal is that archived chats will pop right back when receiving new messages. 

Disappearing Messages

Did you know that Signal messages can self-destruct? No, not like what you’re thinking. A unique feature of Signal is that messages, videos, photographs, and files will be wiped out once they are read when you activate the app’s “Disappearing Messages” function – leaving no evidence behind.

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