WordPress CMS Complete Guide in 5 min

WordPress CMS Complete Guide in 5 min

This Blogpost is all about the WordPress CMS Complete Guide in 5 min. In the beginning, we all have so much doubt like what is WordPress cms what is the criteria for money-earning, how we write the post, what is SEO, Answer to such type of doubt is going to be clear.

Let’s get started.

What is WordPress CMS ?

WordPress is a content management system like Google Blogger. Most of the bloggers start their journey from google bloggers. The dashboard of WordPress CMS is similar to Blogger Dashboard. It helps you to manage your content. How to create a post, How to customize your theme.

How to Create your First Post?

The first post is very important for a newbie in WordPress cms. In the left sidebar dashboard, you can see option posts. Hover your cursor over posts option. Here you see there are 4 different options named All Posts, Add new posts, Categories, and Tags.

Click on Add new post option for creating a new post. You will get a post editor. Write your post and then click on the publish button to publish your post.


What are plugins?

Plugins are applications that help to provide extra features on your website. Some of the applications like YoasSeo, RankMath Plugin, Header & footer plugin, WP Form.

How to Install Plugin?

Hover your mouse pointer over the plugin option present in the left dashboard panel. Three different options appear to name as Installed Plugins, Add New, and plugin editor.

Add the New plugin option to help you to install a new plugin. For installing a new plugin you have you have to search it in the search box then click on install after that you have to activate your plugin.

Installed Plugin option is the list of all installed plugins in your CMS.

Plugin Editor help you to edit the codes of plugin.

Note:- Too many plugin slow down your website loading speed.


How to change the Theme?

For changing the Theme or Template you need to click on the Appearance option in the left panel. You will see 7 options. The first option is Theme click on it after that you can add any default theme or you can directly upload Theme from your computer.

Customize option under appearance option help you to customize your theme.

The theme editor option contains all the codes of your website. you can edit your code to modify your website.


What are Widgets?

Widgets option contain different types of display option. You can drag and drop these widgets to enhance your page visibility.

These are some of basic option of WordPress.

WordPress CMS Complte Guide in 5 min

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