YouTube Shorts Full Guide – #shorts

YouTube Shorts – New Platform for short video creators. Best and trusted alternative of TikTok.

Great news for short video content creators. Google launched a platform for short video content creators name YouTube shorts.

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a Short video sharing platform. Here Content creators can upload short videos of length ranging from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Can we edit Video ?

Yes after recording a video you can edit video or can easily add a song or audio clip from YouTube audio library.

How to Upload video on YouTube Shorts?

Currently, the Beta version of YouTube short is launched in India. After Updating YouTube app You can upload your or you can upload the video on YouTube with #shorts and #myfirstShorts name’s tag promote your video on YouTube Short.

Youtube shorts
Youtube shorts

How to Monetize YouTube Short?

Currently, monetization policy is not available on shorts but later on YouTube updates enable monetization features on shorts.

How to Learn it?

YouTube giving tutorial classes in different languages to promote this new platform. For that first You need to register yourself on the given Link then you are eligible to attend classes in your selected language. You can ask your doubt questions after ending of the online session.

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How to Upload Video On YouTube Shorts

If you want to upload video on YouTube Shorts then you need to click on plus icon in android app or video camera icon in IOS mobile app.

you have to click on Video icon

A gallery list is going to be open IN front of you now you have two choices either you select a video from the gallery list or click on create a short option present just below the camera icon and press next.

click on add music icon to add music. YouTube is giving a list of copyright-free songs that you can use in your video clip. After recording you can control the speed of the video after editing click on the next button to watch preview and then press next.

In the upload screen, you have to enter two important hashtags along with the title named #shorts and #mynewshorts.

Click on upload option to upload your video.

After uploading video you can also check about number of views, number of comments and trending rank.

YouTube providing a huge library to the content creators and all songs and music are with creative commons licenses.

What is creative common License?

Music or video footage you can use without the permission of the creator and there is no copyright policy for creative common audio-video content.

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