About Good Mulesoft Training Services

About Good Mulesoft Training Services

Mulesoft Training Services is an education company that provides training and support for the Mule Platform. Our qualified trainers are available by phone, email, chat, and Skype to guide your learning process. Our team will work with you to help ensure success as you learn best practices to run and optimize your software platform. In addition, we offer certification programs providing customers with validation of their skillset. The certification programs are designed to validate skills in specific areas of the Mule Platform.

The course includes an overview of the Mule Platform and the Service Bus, concepts of the Mule framework such as Connectors, Process Manager, Language Support, Mule Console, and much more. After completion, you will have a good grasp on utilizing some of the advanced features that enhance your ability to develop enterprise solutions using the Mule platform. 

Mulesoft is a product of the Mulesoft, Inc. company. Mulesoft is a leading provider of open-source business software solutions that empower people and provide growth in service organizations worldwide. 

According to Wikipedia’s article on “Mule,” “the term ‘mule’ (from Latin mulier) has historically been applied as one word or hyphenated to refer to someone who is dull-witted or weak-minded”. However, for some reason, it’s being referred to as mulesandstuff.com instead.

Mulesoft Training Services is a worldwide leader in business software training and certification for the public, private, and government organizations. We are proud to say that more than 40,000 individuals have gained the right to use Mule in their business title.

The following list shows which conferences we have had official involvement with. 

Description: Building A Business in Public — BlameAva

When you take the course, you will also get

Accredited certification in MuleSoft technology, which can be used to enhance your resume and build your credibility in the marketplace. 


To sit for a Mulesoft certification exam, applicants must have: * at least one year of experience working with MuleSoft technologies in an environment of their choice (such as an enterprise environment or an open source development team) * at least 300 hours using MuleSoft technology. 

Certification Objectives: 

Candidates who pass the Mulesoft Certified Developer examination will have demonstrated the ability to build applications using configuration developers and configurators. Candidates who pass the Mulesoft Certified Designer examination will have shown the ability to design and deploy a solution using configuration developers, configurators, and connectors. 

Duration: The exam is administered online (using web-based testing software). Candidates are allowed 90 minutes to complete a multiple-choice exam (80 questions). To pass the exam, candidates must achieve at least the minimum passing score of 66%. 

Format: The Mulesoft Certified Developer exam consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. The test is available in English only.

The Mulesoft Certified Designer exam consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. The test is available in English only.