Staffany: A Better Option For Businesses

Staffany: A Better Option For Businesses

Did you ever use staff in any way? Have you ever heard of it? If not, then it is the best time to know about this app as it is a good option for business or any employee management. Let us dig more into the Staffany CICO app.

An Overview Of Staffany

To begin with, Staffany is a Singapore-based tech solution that proffers the best management of the Workforce and launched a new app called CICO Global for Clock-in and Clock-out. The owner of this app, Janson Seah commented that they make all efforts to decrease the COVID cases, and for the same, they put this app in place to implement some measures for not escalating issues. As most regional economies are emerging slowly from the lockdowns, businesses are reopening gradually. The app is helpful for regional companies and the employees to reopen more safely and efficiently by leveraging all digital solutions to motivate all companies to employ any safety measures, likewise tracing all contact, maintaining social distancing, and staggering the employees’ hours. 

As established in 2018, the Staffany is a startup that originated in Singapore that aims to connect all human resources and operations across the organization for an excellent level of efficiency, better communication, and productivity among staff. The company is highly supported by NUS Enterprise and the National University of Singapore (Entrepreneurial arm). A team of alumni founded the app under the overseas college’s program. 

What About CICO App? 

It is a perfect app for any business that needs staff recordings. Likewise, attendance is based on an hourly or part-time basis, and this can be a good option for some companies such as convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. 

To assist the community rights of businesses across the Asia Pacific against COVID, Staffany is increasing the download fees of the app for local businesses until the year’s end. The Staffany CICO app is in-line with all Fortitude budgets of Singapore as it is helping companies use all-digital solutions for reopening it safely and motivates all workers to comply with the measures of post-circuit Breaker. 

Staffany CICO app is designed for the management of the Workforce that all employees and the managers can use in some of the following manners:

  • Automatic Timesheets
  • Visibility Of The Dashboard. 
  • Notification 
  • Keeping All Records 

That is why Staffany makes all possible efforts to use this app and ensure employees’ safety at the job place.