Best Japanese (Hiragana) Keycaps

Best Japanese (Hiragana) Keycaps

Those who wish for a cool outlook used to prefer Japanese keycaps. They give this result as kanji which is a form of art being engraved on the surface of the keycaps. It gives an artistic look. When kanji letters are being craved on the surface of Japanese keycaps, it gives a Japanese environment. They are made mainly for the decoration part. So when you buy Japanese keycaps your keyboard will be good to look at.

Following discussed are the best Japanese (Hiragana) keycaps than can be used for your keyboard:

  1. Hyekit Blue Hell Keycaps:
    • Hyekit Blue Hell Keycaps has 129 keys.
    • The profile is based on Cherry.
    • The material is PBT.
    • This Japanese keycap is from Hyekit with an attractive personality.
    • The maximum keys are of indigo color with black and white caps.
    • Important keys such as ESC, and enter are bright white along with indigo legends.
    • They consist of an ANSI layout.
    • They go well with MX switches and are used for mechanical keyboards.
    • The material is covered with an anti-grease coating which helps your fingers not to slip.
    • When you type the caps are good and soft.
    • The legends are made intelligent and bright.
    • The legends are based on dye-sublimated technology.
  2. 133 Keys Ice Crystal PBT Keycap Set XDA Profile Sublimation English Custom Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard:
    • The main feature of this keycap is it is a cross-universe hole that is easy to install.
    • The material of construction is PBT of thickness 1.5mm.
    • PBT material has a stable molecular structure; therefore the keycap is corrosion and heat resistant and will stay long for years.
    • The layout is based on ladder keys. It can withstand both high and low keys for the convenience of a human hand for hand typing.
    • The font will not fade and is clear because of the sublimation process.
    • The keycap is used to enclose the switch light by preventing it to escape from the keycaps and therefore it will show a good side light effect.
    • The touching is good and soft.
    • The surface is made such as not to fade that easily by making it dry.


  • The type of product is the keycap set.
  • The theme is based on ice crystals.
  • The color is white and blue.
  • The material is PBT.
  • The language used in English.
  • It is based on the XDA profile. There are 133 keys.
  • It supports ergonomics.
  • The printing method is of the sublimation process.
  • There is no character translucent.
  1. IDOBAO Black Sakura Keycaps:
    • There are 128 keys.
    • The profile is based on DSA.
    • The material is PBT with a thickness of 1.45mm.
    • Keys are black along with white legends.
    • The sub legends are teal-colored.
    • These keyboards are chosen for flat ground or little angles for typing.
    • The printing is based on the sublimation process, therefore staying for long.