How-To Tips for Replacing HP Ink Printer Cartridges for First-Timers

How-To Tips for Replacing HP Ink Printer Cartridges for First-Timers

Owners of new HP printers are enjoying their printing projects. However, there comes a day when they run out of ink and have to replace it. The dilemma here is that first-timers have never done this and are terrified about damaging the sensitive printer.

Fortunately, the modern HP printers are designed to make operation easy as well as replacing cartridges bought from one of the best online stores – is easy.

Check the ink level in the cartridge

If you decided to change the cartridge because of less perfect prints then check the ink level first. Sometimes, the use of the cleanup feature can get things back to normal.

Check HP printer cartridge

· In Windows

If your OS is Windows, then start the HP printer dedicated program and check the menu for residual ink within the printing supply. Start the program by clicking on the pen-shaped icon on the screen’s lower left. Look at the button located in the upper right corner to identify the cartridge’s ink level. For accurate detail click the button and wait for the program to connect with the printer. You will see detailed information in a window.

· In macOS

In the operating system Mac, press the System Preference icon and from the panel click on printers & scanners. Choose printer to check residual ink level from the configuration panel on the left bar. Press Options & Supplies and click Surface & Supply cartridge filling status.

· In Tablets & Smartphones

You will need to use the dedicated HP smart app designed for iOS and Android. Install and launch the program’s home screen. Click on the section, where the estimated cartridge surface is located in the upper center, where the residual ink from the printer is displayed. Ensure that the printer and Smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Tips to replace HP ink printer cartridge for first-timers

When you replace the cartridge avoid touching copper contacts within dedicated housing to avoid damage. Never use excessive force while removing or inserting the ink cartridge or this can damage the locking mechanism. In case the cartridge resists, stop and try again gently.

  • Pull the printer’s outer door open a little and gain access to the cartridge door.
  • Put light pressure on the ink cartridge, so it is released from the housing.
  • Pull it and remove it.
  • Take the new ink cartridge and remove the masking tape that protects copper contacts carefully.
  • Hold the copper section towards the printer and reinsert the cartridge within the housing with a gentle press. You will hear a clicking sound.
  • A gently closed door that gives access to the ink cartridge.
  • The process is completed and you are ready to print.

Always buy appropriate HP printer cartridges

For HP printers there are two forms of cartridges available. The defined black contains ink-only, while the trichome involves 3 colors [cyan, magenta, & yellow]. The latter is used to create colored prints. Each HP printer has a numeric code and if you are not so comfortable then you can get in touch with the HP support agents or community page.