Obtain a Clear Vision First Before Getting a LED Bulb!

Obtain a Clear Vision First Before Getting a LED Bulb!

Because each job is one-of-a-kind, there is no all-in-one service. Different tasks call for different types of LED strips. Respond to the questions below in your head prior to starting any job. We’re right here to go through these with you also.


  • What type of location are you in? Residential, retail, commercial, outdoors, or safe street lighting?
  • What specifically will you be lighting?
  • Where will it be installed? Under cupboards, coves, eaves, kickboards, awnings, show instances, backlighting, international space station?
  • Will the lights be revealed to the liquids or aspects?
  • What product will the bulb be attached to?
  • How many feet do you need?

Features and visual

  • What total appearance do you intend to accomplish?
  • Do you want accent lighting, border lighting, task lighting, indirect illumination, specialty application, principal lighting, etc.?
  • What items or products are you lighting or utilizing the strips for?
  • Do you need High CRI for rendering high color?
  • Do you desire the lights to release a white light only? Single colors like red, blue, or green? Have the capability to alter shades with a remote? Or have the capacity to alter the white outcome from cool to warm white with a remote?
  • Are there various other lights in the location, and if so, what color are they?
  • Do you intend to dim your lights or regulate them with a remote or wall surface switch?


  • What are the non-physical results you intend to attain?
  • Do you intend to produce a calm, active, confident, seductive, safe, vibrant, kicked-back, or enjoyable atmosphere?
  • What do you want your visitors, as well as consumers, to assume or state when they enter your room?

Lumen or Brightness

Lumen is the dimension of illumination as perceived by the human eye. As a result of incandescent illumination, we are all habituated to using watts to gauge the brightness of light. Today, we utilize lumen. Lumen is among the most vital variables at the time of choosing a LED light, you require to look at it. If comparing lumen outcomes strip to strip, note that there are different ways of saying the same point.

The question you need to be questioning is “Lumens per meter, foot, or reel? The length of time is the reel?”

Various jobs require a perfect amount of brightness to accomplish a wanted look. Our recommendations are to go always brighter compared to needed, as well as add a dimmer with LED street lighting. Running your LEDs less than their full potential, as well as brightness can, additionally, enhance lifespan.