What Are You Looking For in a Yext Replacement Service?

What Are You Looking For in a Yext Replacement Service?

For more than one reason, you are on the lookout for a service that can take the place of Yext. In order to ensure that you focus primarily on options that would work for you, it helps to understand the qualities and features that the best Yext replacement service will offer. Here are some of the more important ones that need to be at the top of your list. 

Help With Optimizing Listings

You understand that how a listing is prepared has a lot to do with enjoying better SEO rankings. When you decided to go with Yext, that was one of the perks you hoped to enjoy. Unfortunately, the help on this front was minimal.

What you want is a service that can provide plenty of support in this area. By making the change, the odds of getting more traffic from those listings will be higher. That’s opens up one more avenue for your business to grow. 

Locating and Dealing With Duplicate Listings

Duplicate listings can happen. What you wanted was an easy way to find them and decide if they could stay with a little tweaking or if they needed to go altogether. While you did get some help with this aspect, it was not as effective as you had wanted. 

When looking for an alternative, delve into how duplicates are isolated and what can be done with them. You also want to know how frequently a search for duplicates takes place. This will give you a better idea of how they can be managed in a timely manner. 

A Wider Listing Network

The goal had been to utilize a service that could find more relevant places to create new listings. In fact, there was not much more than what you had already identified on your own. In addition, there doesn’t seem to be any push to look for more possibilities. This makes you tend to wonder why you keep paying that annual fee. 

Any Yext replacement service that you consider should have a listing network with plenty of other options for your industry type. That includes secondary as well as primary industry types. With the right service, you could uncover a number of sites where a listing would work well for your company. 

Customer Support That You Can Rely Upon

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as contacting a customer service network and finding that responses to your questions or concerns are met with indifference. It may be a polite response, but it’s still one that doesn’t really focus on the reason why you called. In fact, you feel more frustrated after receiving an answer than you did before. 

As you consider a viable replacement, do find out how that other service structures their customer service effort. Is there more than one way to seek help? Will you have the chance to talk with someone who listens to what you’re saying, or is busy trying to select the best canned response? If the answers to those questions happens to be yes, your search may be over. 

Remember there is always one more alternative to consider. When that alternative happens to offer all the benefits that you already enjoy while being free of any of the drawbacks, it’s time to make a change. Once everything is settled, you’ll be happier and the company’s online presence will be better than ever.